Why Choose Us

Having had a look around the website you hopefully have got an idea of what we have to offer and the kind of people we are but why should you choose us over other Chinese remedy practises?

Well firstly the price, our pricing is very reasonable, in many cases half of what our competitors are charging and you get the same amount of time, quality of service and devotion from us. Don't think that because we offer great prices you have to sacrifise the level of treatment you receive, we feel the services we give are essential to a lot of people and we do not want them to have to pay an extortionate amount to get the help they require. Our practisioners are very highly qualified, as you will have seen on our home page the store manager is part of the British acupuncture council which is a well respected and trusted means of rating how qualified a practitioner is. All of these reasons together mean that you will not find a better service in the Guildford area or a better price so make the right choice!

Why Choose Herbal World?

• We are a well established company with a reputation second to none.
• All our clinical work is regulated by professional codes of practice and covered by professional insurance.
• We are members of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ATCM), one of the major professional bodies in UK.
• Our herbs and herbal products are all of the finest quality and supplied by UK importers strictly monitored by UK health authorisites. We do not make use of any banned herbal substances.