How long are the needles left in?
Once inserted, the needles are generally left in position for around 20 minutes. This, of course, is only a generalisation; in reality the time is determined by the condition of the patient and the illness being treated. The special needles used in acupuncture are all individually packaged, sterile, and used only once.

Is acupuncture painful?
As stated elsewhere the needles used are very fine (approx. 0.01” to 0.02”) and, generally speaking, their insertion is entirely painless. Only on occasions does a patient experience a slight feeling of discomfort. Then, depending on the type of treatment and the needle technique involved, a patient will feel a mild ache, a sense of numbness, or a ‘vital sensation’ developing around the inserted needle. Such feelings are not in the least unpleasant and are an indication that the acupuncture is working effectively. Acupuncture is thus really quite painless and can often actually be a rather pleasant experience.

How successful is acupuncture?
The short answer is: Very! Often, after just a few sessions, dramatic results are achieved, as thousands of people today can testify. If in doubt, just ask around and you are sure to find someone who has been helped by acupuncture. Indeed, some painful conditions, such as that caused by muscle spasms, get almost instantaneous relief from acupuncture, a single session can eliminate the problem completely. Naturally other, more deep-seated, illnesses, such as asthma or sinusitis, take longer to treat. Any successful outcome depends, however, on a number of factors: the general health of a patient, the severity and duration of their illness, and how their condition has been treated up to now. Each patient is different, and that is how he or she is treated by our acupuncturists; as a unique individual. This personal approach is one of the great strengths of acupuncture and enables us to achieve maximum results.

What do the herbs do?
Herbal Remedies are an extremely popular and important alternative health care choice. The general consensus to taking herbs to correct a health problem is that it will take a month of consistent herbal use to correct one year of the time you've had the problem.

Can I try acupuncture to see what its like?
Of course you can!

Will my insurance pay for the acupuncture I receive?
In many cases, Yes, but you must consult your insurance company.